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The Animals You Can See At Denver Colorado Zoo

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Those planning a vacation to the state of Colorado should definitely consider a visit to Denver Zoo. Spanning across 80-acres of land, the facility is home to over 4125 animals. The Zoo, which first opened in 1896, was the most popular paid tourist attraction in the city’s metropolitan area in 2016. Major exhibits include Bear Mountain, Predator Ridge, Tropical Discovery, Elephant Passage, North Shores and Primate Panorama.

There are over 613 unique species kept in the zoo including primates, carnivorous mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and hoofed mammals. The site really is a great place to learn more about animal biology and see some very rare species.

Bear Mountain is the most historic exhibit. It opened in 1918 but underwent a 2-year, quarter-of-a-million dollar renovation in 1987. The exhibit is currently home to coati and grizzly bears.

Predator Ridge was created to be representative of the African Savanna. At different times of the year, different African predators can be spotted in the large exhibit including spotted hyenas, African wild dogs, and Transvaal lions. The lions are perhaps the animals that most people who visit the zoo are desperate to see.

There are currently almost 200 bird species living in the zoo’s bird facilities. Many of the birds are rare and endangered. Some of the exotic birds that can be seen include rhinoceros hornbills, two-toed sloths, crested oropendolas and scarlet macaws. There are four outside exhibits in Bird World, which house kea, double-wattled cassowaries, Steller’s sea eagles and African penguin. Penguin feeding shows are regularly hosted in order to help visitors learn more about these shy birds.

Toyota Elephant Passage is a 10-acre exhibit. It cost $50 million to create and it can hold up to a dozen elephants. You can see Asian elephants, Malayan tapirs, Indian rhinoceros and clouded leopards in the exhibit.

The Zoo organizes a range of popular events including “Boo at the Zoo” and “Zoo Light”. Boo at the Zoo is a Halloween themed event targeted at young children. Those who have been have said it is lots of fun. In December, Zoo Lights operate in the evening. Visitors can walk through a wonderland of Christmas-themed lights. Many of the lights are animated and shaped into representations of some of the animals kept at the zoo. You can find more information about key events on Denver Colorado Zoo’s official website.